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Whitegate Way

LOCALITY: Winsford, Cheshire
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Toilets

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Crewe & Nantwich

Walk description:

The Whitegate Way is based upon the old Whitegate and Over to Cuddington branch line which was primarily used for carrying salt from the ICI works to the main Chester / Manchester railway line. It was converted in a mixed used path in 1970 and is a hidden gem.

The surface is crushed stone and is in excellent condition for the majority of its length and generally 2-3m wide (see additional notes). The gradients are very gentle except for one place where a bridge has been removed and you have to descend to the road level to cross a minor road. There is a good covering of shade, but there are still good views over the Cheshire countryside. The total length of the track is 6 miles with toilets and a picnic area at the old Whitegate Station at the approximate halfway point.

Additional notes:

The car park at the start is not secure and the track for approximately the first mile is narrow (1m max) and slightly overgrown. Additionally at the end of this section is two fixed barriers which must be limbo'ed under! If this is a problem do not take the path out of the car park, instead follow the road in the same direction and access the path at the red number 5 on the map. Please note this is an old map and does not show it clearly, use an orange os map or maximum zoom on the os website to see the path clearly.

An alternative start point would be the old Whitegate Station and this can be seen clearly on a larger scale OS map. On this map look for Marton Green and the PC symbol as a rough guide. This would allow the walk length to be easily altered.

There are other paths off the main path and a large lake (to the north west of the old Whitegate Station) which can just be accessed from the main path, but you need a narrow wheelchair or scooter (24" or less). Our dog loved cooling off in it!

We covered 9 miles in total and used approximately 70% of two 40Ah gel batteries.

30/07/2008 | Walk posted by andrew ellis

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