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Fleet Pond Nature Reserve

LOCALITY: Fleet, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 3 miles (4.83 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking, Suitable for wheelchairs

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Basingstoke

Walk description:

As you drive east along Fleet Road (A3013), you will see brown signs with a duck on it. Follow these and you will turn right which leads to Fleet Pond. As you turn right you will go over a bridge and then need to turn right again. You will then drive along a very uneven road until you get to the entrance to Fleet Pond. Go through the entrance, turn left and then take the first right into the car park.

Walk to the end of this car park area and you will come to the road that you drove in on. Turn left and in front of you will see a trail marked with a red, blue and yellow post.

Walk along here on a compact path and you will come to a large lake. In front of you is a viewing area. This is the start and end of this circular walk. You need to make sure you take note of this place or you could miss your turning back to the car park at the end of the walk.

Turn right here and follow the yellow and blue trail, which is a walk around the lake. You will come to some steps on your left that leads up to the station. Walk past these and you will come to a small hump wooden bridge. This has a small lip on and off it.

Once over the bridge continue along the path. The path continues around Fleet Pond. You will then come to a small T Junction. On your right is Chestnut Grove, which could be an alterative start for the walk. Turn left here and then go immediately right along the trail.

You will come to a green bridge. Go across the bridge and continue along the yellow/ blue trail. Continue along the path and you will come to Fugelmere Road. Turn left here along a wooden plank broad walk. Next turn right past Westcove Road. When you come to the fork in the path, turn left.

There is an information board here, which will tell you where you are and show you an alternative route.

Go across the wooden plank boardwalk which will take you through the Nature Reserve. Follow the path around to the left when you get to the next fork. The trail post has just a yellow marker. Walk across more wooden plank boardwalks and you will rejoin the path with yellow/blue markings.

You will then come to a bridge over some water. Go across and follow the path around to the left. Here is a large viewing area across the water. Next turn around and walk straight on past the yellow/blue marker.

Continue along over more wooden plank broad walks and you will go down a small slope. Turn left and then follow yellow/blue markers up a slope and follow the path around to the left. When you get to the next yellow/blue markers turn left and you will come to a picnic area. Continue past the picnic area and rejoin the path that has red/yellow/blue marker. When you get to the red marker, walk this way and you will come back to the beginning of the walk.

If the slope up to the picnic area is to steep for you, you can walk straight on and you will get back to the end of the walk.

If you get back to the steps up to the station again, this means you have missed your turning to the car park. So you would need to turn and around and take the turning on your left to the car park.

Additional notes:

The route above is just one that you can do. Just go and explore . The trails are fairly well marked and there are information boards along the trails to show you where you are.

There is more information on the Reserve at the following web address: hart.gov.uk/fleetpondleaflet.pdf

14/10/2007 | Walk posted by Admin Team

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

Well worth a visit

27/04/2009 | Reviewed by cathy nettley

What a lovely walk. It is called Fleet duck pond so I was surprise at the size of the water. The road down to
the car park is full of pot holes so needs to be done slowly. However as you walk around, you go past
different road that join on to the walk. Therefore these could be different places to park.