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QECP demanding & rewarding

LOCALITY: Petersfield, Hampshire
DISTANCE: 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking, Suitable for wheelchairs, Toilets, Cafe

GRADIENT: Quite steep in places
OS MAP: Chichester

Walk description:

Park in the car park by the centre buildings. Take the gravel path to the left of the buildings between the woods and the bbq places. Upon reaching the tarmac road cross over, round the gate and up an incline. When you reach a fork take the right hand track around the edge of the country park.

Follow this track to the south west corner then follow it round to the left following the edge of the country park. Keep following this track without deviation until you reach the south east corner and a style off to your right leading to Chalton. Ignore the style and continue on the track which will now take you into the woods.

Keep following this track going straight over when you reach a crossroads. There is now a short incline, keep following the track. A little later on there is another gravel track joining you from the left (you can take this for a short cut back).

Shortly you will come to a fork, take the left up a steep incline to go up the back of War Down. Ignore any tracks off to the left or right. As you near the summit the path will curve round to the left. Keep following the track until you come to the car park at the top of War Down. Now follow the tarmac road back down to the centre.

Additional notes:

This is a very demanding and very enjoyable walk that is only to be attempted AFTER A SPELL OF DRY WEATHER IN A VERY STABLE MOBILITY SCOOTER. I have done it at least twice on my mobility scooter and the biggest problem is getting up the back of War Down as my scooter cuts out and has to be reset and pushed a short way, so an ACCOMPANYING STRONG CARER IS ESSENTIAL. THIS ROUTE IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE DISABLED BY QECP. It is also a great adventure!!

20/12/2007 | Walk posted by Linda Rivers

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

You need to be fit.

17/08/2009 | Reviewed by cathy nettley

This walk would be a demanding walk for buggy users. On talking to people in the centre they do not recommend
it for wheelchairs or buggy users. They feel it is too steep and that some electric wheelchair's battery life
would not be sufficient. Another important point is that I found that I did not have a mobile signal in all
areas, so since the route is fairly isolated this could be a problem if you get in trouble.