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Stockbridge to Horsebridge

LOCALITY: Stockbridge, Hampshire
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Pub

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Romsey, Andover & Test Valley

Walk description:

The walk starts at the end of Trafalgar Way in Stockbridge. Trafalgar Way is next to the White Hart Hotel. For Sat. Nav. users the postcode is SO20 6HF

There is parking along Trafalgar Way. Once parked, walk to the end of Trafalgar Way and you will see a compact mud path with a sign next to it for Test way Country Side Service. This is an old railway line path.

Walk down the path. It can be muddy if the weather has been wet. You will be walking between two rows of trees. When you get to a crossroad in the path, go through the gate on your right.

You will then need to walk across the field. The grass is well trod so easy to manage. In the field there are cows and horses. If you have a dog with you, you will need to keep it on a lead. You will come to a bridge on your right. The access to this is through a wooden gate.

From the bridge you have a view along the river, but take care, as there are only railings on one side of the bridge. When I did the walk there were lots of ducks and ducklings on the river. From here you will need to turn around and retrace your steps to the old railway track.

When you get back to the old railway track you have two choices. Turn left, and walk back to the car, or you can turn right around walk along to Horsebridge. At Horsebridge you will get to Horsebridge Road, which you need to cross to rejoin the walk on the other side. From here I turned around and retraced my steps, as it was several miles back to the car.

Additional notes:

At the bridge in the field there is a gate on the other side of the bridge but this is not accessible for buggies or wheelchairs. If you wish to go this way with a buggy, you will need to lift the buggy over the gate or collapse it. You will then be walking along a gravel path. You will come to a wooden bridge that has a small lip on and off it.

Go over the bridge and continue along the gravel path. You will be walking across another field. You will then come to another kissing gate. Go through gate, cross the wooden bridge and continue along gravel path. There will be a small river on your right. The path is then tarmac.

You will then come to another metal kissing gate, which is not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. Therefore if you have continued this way you will have to fold up your buggy. From here you will be in the Town Centre. Turn right and walk back to the right Hart.

28/04/2009 | Walk posted by cathy nettley

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