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Lancaster to Crook o' Lune

LOCALITY: Lancaster, Lancashire
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Lancaster, Morecambe & Fleetwood

Walk description:

This route can be walked to via the Morecambe to Lancaster cycle track. At the Crook o' the Lune, there is a car park with a snack place that has disabled toilets and a picnic area. Start at the Lancaster side of Millenium Bridge and walk right, keep going and you will see an underpass that you go under and after you have gone through you go pass the skate park at green ayre (across from Farmfoods), keep following the path, after 15 to 20 mins you come the Aqueduct, just go under and continue. You will pass under a large spacious M6 bridge. You'll come to what appears to be the end of the path as there is a road in the way, be careful when crossing and just continue straight in front of you, the building you see was Halton train station. You can also follow the road round to a bridge that leads to Halton. Around 50 to 60 mins away you come to a narrowish bridge, it's perfectly passable keep going and eventually you will go over a wide bridge which goes over the River Lune. The first left there is stairs that leads to the car park and Woodies (the snack place), the next left is the path/ramp which leads to the picnic area around 20 m from Woodies and toilets. There is another path at the back of the picnic area which has a gate to open access to it. I believe it is a flat path, I have never been so not sure where it leads to. And if you didn't go to the toilets/Woodies/Picnic area then the main path continues to Brook Beck, you can also get off and go to Caton before this point. You can turn back (this would make it around a 10 mile walk).

Additional notes:

13/07/2014 | Walk posted by Baba Mama

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