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Lancaster walk: Freemans wood, Aldcliffe and the Canal

LOCALITY: Lancaster, Lancashire
DISTANCE: 3.5 miles (5.63 km)

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Lancaster, Morecambe & Fleetwood

Walk description:

You start this walk by walking down St Georges Quay and New Quay, then continue along the path, you'll pass by a sign that is for Glasson Dock cycle and walk path (see other map route), continue and you'll come to a road, go left on the road and it will lead to a housing estate then through the Aldcliffe Estate, here you'll notice some farm land, keep going and follow the path and you'll see a small gate keepers house, across the road is the canal, follow back into the City centre. An alternative route is near the canal, turn right on cromwell street and you'll find the millennium orchard, there are signs to find it and the path is very good.

Additional notes:

13/07/2014 | Walk posted by Baba Mama

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