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Holkham Beach

LOCALITY: Holkham, Norfolk
DISTANCE: Less than 1 mile (1.61km)

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Norfolk Coast Central

Walk description:

A short walk to a specially designed viewing platform for the disabled.

From the car park head straight on.
A boardwalk (just wide enough for on person to pass a wheelchair) takes you past woodland and to a specially built wooden viewing platform. It's a very short walk but the large platform gives stunning views of the beach at Holkham.

The platform has space for at least two wheelchairs at the front of the platform as well as a bench for 2/3 people. The railing is low enough to give the wheelchair user an unspoilt view of the beach and seascape. You get a nearly 180 degree view of the beach and neighbouring woodland.

Although a short walk I rated it as a 4 star because of the views and the successful efforts they have made with the viewing platform.

Additional notes:

There are no toilets or facilities.

You need to pay to park. There are disabled parking places nearest to the path.

There is a second walk here. If you turn left after you leave the car park there is a longer walk. This takes you alongside woodland and a natural pool, to access for a second smaller viewing platform. The access is via a ramp. This consists of 2 ramps - a fairly gentle ramp which is a semi circle up the hill and a steeper straight ramp.

The ramps are also popular spots for bird watchers and only wide enough for the wheelchair user so passing people can be difficult (although when we went people were very helpful).

The path from the car park to the ramps for the second viewing platform is a stone chipped path with loose larger stones. It's a flat path but not very smooth because of the surface.

11/07/2008 | Walk posted by Rachel Groves

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