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The Phoenix Trail

LOCALITY: Thame, Oxfordshire
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Toilets, Cafe

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Oxford

Walk description:

Access to the trail is via Nelson street and then Windmill road from the upper high street. Turn left onto the trail to head for Princess Risborough.

The Phoenix Trail is a seven-mile path for people walking with buggies and wheelchair. It is between Thame and Princes Risborough. In the future, it is expected to be extended, as far as Oxford.

The Phoenix Trail follows the route of a former railway line. As such, it is flat and the surface is ideal for buggies and wheelchairs. There are spectacular sculptures and seating every 500 metres, so visitors can rest and enjoy the scenery. Students of the former Rycotewood College built these impressive sculptures.

The first 2.5 miles out of Thame are surfaced with tarmac and the remainder with compacted limestone dust. Wheelchairs may experience difficulty with the access ramps at Towersey Halt and the B4009.

Additional notes:

The toilets ans eating facilities are in Thames and Princes Risborough.

22/08/2008 | Walk posted by Admin Team

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

Town & Country

13/10/2008 | Reviewed by Kay W

My husband and I took our 15 week old son out on the Phoenix Trail on a mild October Monday. After a rather
dreary start through the back of Thame's industrial estate for the first mile or so, the Trail opens out into
the beautiful countryside beyond, with views across to the Ridgeway.

The path is easily wide
enough for 2 buggies side-by-side and well maintained. We walked about 2.5 miles to where the path changes
from tarmac to limestone dust. There are markers every 1/2 mile so you can track how far you have walked. The
sculptures along the way are interesting enough, but the best one is in the form of a covered seat about 2
miles along the path. This is wide enough for a nappy change if needed and ideal for a quick picnic/ baby
feed. There are other smaller seats incorporated into the sculptures along the way, but these are not well
placed, and not wide enough to put the baby down on.

It's a shame the planners did not think to
provide a small parking area near the bypass so you could be out into the countryside without having to walk
down the back of the housing estate and factories. Other than that, it is a nice easy walk with lovely views.