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Bedgebury Forest walk

LOCALITY: Tunbridge Wells, Kent
DISTANCE: 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking, Toilets, Cafe

GRADIENT: A few ups & downs

Walk description:

This is a lovely walk through woodland so great for sunny and rainy days alike. The majority of the walk follows the Blue Family Cycle Route which is marked at regular intervals so navigation is not too difficult. The pathways are maintained for bikes and therefore are suitable all year round for all terrain pushchairs (ATPs). From the car park follow the family cycle route markers (blue) in an anti clockwise direction. The only deviation from the cycle route is when you get to the section of the route above Flimwell, instead of following the blue signs to the left continue ahead to Louisa Lake by which time you will have picked up on the blue markers again. Alternatively you can choose to follow the blue markers for the entire route giving you an extra half a mile! I choose to miss out this section of the walk as it is quite steep in places and not so easy with three little people loaded onto my Mountain Buggy Duet!?

Additional notes:

Car parking at Bedgebury is £9.50, this sounds expensive but there is the option to join for the year for £56, and if you are going to use this walk reguarly to get fit it's a lot cheaper than gym membership. Also at the site is a cafe and many different children's play areas so you can easily make a day of it. I prefer to do this walk during the week as at weekends and school holidays the route can be very busy with cyclists. Also great walk with dogs as they can be let off the lead in all areas away from play areas and the Pinetum.

01/07/2014 | Walk posted by Penny Brookes

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