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Tyne Green to Watersmeet circular route

LOCALITY: Hexham, Northumberland
DISTANCE: 4.5 miles (7.24 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking

GRADIENT: Mostly flat

Walk description:

Park at Tyne Green car park (£1.50 charge for the day) and cross the green to the river edge. Follow the river past the municipal golf course and then follow the path next to the (very quiet) railway line until you see a footpath sign pointing right down some short steps to a sort of beach. Continue following the river passing under a motorway bridge and along an open bank until you can see where the two rivers join. Continue on the river path which becomes narrow and bushy in trees, eventually passsing under a railway bridge. Follow the path up between some houses until you reach a lane. TURN LEFT and follow the road back to the railway line path. If you wish you can cross the railway line at the gate crossing next to the golf course and cross back again under a low railway bridge on another green further on. Otherwise just continue on the other side of the golf course that you came in on.

Additional notes:

This walk is great for dogs that need to be off lead. There is a good children's park at the start/finish of the walk with lots of space.

01/03/2011 | Walk posted by Clare Smith

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

Nice but not suitable for buggies

24/05/2012 | Reviewed by Christopher Hart

This was a really nice walk but I wouldn't say it is at all suitable for buggies. The bit through the country
park and golf course it fine but once you get to the beach, it is a very narrow dirt track that we needed to
carry the buggy in many parts. It does open out to walk past the river and we found we could roll the buggy
over the raised flat section fine. However where the path narrows again it gets really bad and there wasn't
enough room for the chassis to get through. I had to put the front wheel on lock and pick the back wheels up
to get through.