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Castle Cary Buggy Walk

LOCALITY: Castle Cary, Somerset
DISTANCE: 2.5 miles (4.02 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking

GRADIENT: A few ups & downs
OS MAP: Yeovil & Sherborne

Walk description:

Castle Cary Buggy Walk

30-40 minutes route walking at an adults pace/60-75 minutes route walking with toddlers

1. Start at Castle Cary Children’s Centre, come out of the Children’s Centre and turn right walking down the road past Ansford School and along Maggs Lane. At Ansford Hill cross over the road and turn right walking down the hill on the pavement. Walk along the pavement crossing over Tuckers Lane and continue ahead on the pavement on the same side of Ansford Hill until the it runs out on this side of the just opposite the entrance to Elms Lane. Carefully cross Ansford Hill as it is a very busy road and continue to walk down the road on the other side of the road. If you have young children with you walking take care as the road can be busy and the pavement is narrow.
2. Continue down Ansford Hill until Lower Ansford on the left. Carefully cross over Ansford Hill and walk down Lower Ansford. Along Lower Ansford there is no pavement so be aware of any vehicles. Follow the road ahead until you reach Tuckers Lane. Turn left up Tuckers Lane, again taking care as there is no pavement. Head up Tuckers Lane towards the War Memorial on the right. Beside the War Memorial is a path the leads up to the church and there is a path, which follows around the outside of the churchyard. Take the path following around the edge of the churchyard and pass the footpath off to the right down some steps. Continue ahead on the path following round the churchyard.
3. Continue along the footpath and there will be another footpath off to the right crossing the field and then passing a footpath off to the left, but continue around the churchyard. Continue walking ahead taking the tarmac footpath that lies between the houses on the left and the field on the right. This path leads into Priory View and continues on the pavement with the field remaining on your right.
4. At the end of Priory View you will reach Churchfield Drive, here cross over the road and take the tarmac footpath directly ahead which heads up to the playing field. Continue ahead on the footpath walking between the playing fields on your left and the Bowling Club on your right. At the corner of the playing fields take the left footpath beside the play area.
5. Follow the footpath ahead until you reach Catherines Close. At Catheines Close turn left and follow the pavement to Ansford Road. Cross over Ansford Road and turn left walking along the pavement up the hill. At the top of Ansford Road turn left and cross back over Ansford Road by the traffic lights and walk along Higher Ansford until you reach Maggs Lane on the other side of the road. Carefully cross over Higher Ansford and walk up Maggs Lane back to the Childrens Centre.

Additional notes:

07/12/2012 | Walk posted by Cheryl Lingard

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