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East Harptree Wood

LOCALITY: East Harptree, Somerset
DISTANCE: 1.5 miles (2.41 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, Parking, Suitable for wheelchairs

GRADIENT: Quite steep in places
OS MAP: Cheddar Gorge & Mendip Hills West

Walk description:

From East Harptree drive up Middle Street, which starts by the village Stores. As you drive up Middle Street this joins on to Smitham Hill. Just before you get to the top of the hill you will see the entrance for East Harptree Wood on your right. Turn right here and you will come to a car park on your left.

The walk starts opposite the entrance to the parking area. There is a large metal gate across the track, which has an open access next to it.

Go through here and you will be going along a compact stone path. Follow the trail around to the left up a steep hill. On your right you will see a turning for Smitham Chimney. This will be where the walk will come back to.

Walk past the turning and continue up the hill. At the top of the hill, turn right. You will be walking along with a stream on your left. This part or the trail is made up of larger stones, and is more uneven.

When you get to the T junction , turn right, past a post with a small yellow arrow on it. The trail is now made up of compact mud and grass, that decends downward. When wet this part of the walk can be muddy.

Go along the trail until you come to the Smitham Chimney on your right. Just before the chimney turn right along a gravel path.

You will walk past a pond on your left. Keep going along the path which is an uphill walk until you get back the sign for Smitham Chimney that you came to at the begininig of the walk.

Turn left here, and make your way back to where you parked your car.

Additional notes:

Due to the terrain and couple of steep hills on the route, an able body companion for wheelchair users would be neccessary.

There are picnic tables on the route and benches where you can rest.

04/11/2007 | Walk posted by Marie Houlden

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

East Harptree Wood

05/08/2009 | Reviewed by cathy nettley

This trail is a pleasant walk through the wood, but it is very isolated. Manual wheelchair users would
definitely need an able body pusher. There are also amazing views over Chew Valley as you drive back down
Smitham Hill.