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Buggy Health Walk

LOCALITY: Taunton, Somerset
DISTANCE: 2.5 miles (4.02 km)
FACILITIES: Circular route, There & back, Suitable for wheelchairs

GRADIENT: A few ups & downs
OS MAP: Taunton & Blackdown Hills

Walk description:

Meeting Point: Brock House Childrens Centre

From the Children�s Centre turn right walking along the pavement into Dabinett Close. Cross the road to take the footpath alongside the house, onto Blackdown View and turn right to walk up the hill.

Continue walking up Blackdown View, crossing the entrances to Taylor Close and Dunkerton Rise with care. Continue over the brow of the hill into Hilly Park, following the pavement down the hill.

Cross over the road at the drop-curb near the bus stop and continue walking to the end of the pavement.

CAUTION! No pavement. Turn left into Rectory Road and walk single-file on the left-hand side of the road. At the end of Rectory Road, turn right taking the pavement along the main road. CAUTION needed here as you cross the junction.

Turn right into Manor Park and cross over the road at the first drop-curb. Continue into Manor Park, following the pavement, turning left into Court Road. Cross over just before the end of the road, so that you turn right, following the pavement along Stembridge Way. Turn right back into Manor park, crossing the entrance to Court Road, following the pavement back to the entrance of Manor Park, crossing over again to take the pavement back along the main road.

Turn left into Rectory Road- CAUTION! No pavement- walk in single-file on the left-hand side of the road. Turn right into Hilly Park, using the pavement on the right hand-side. Take the road on the right (lower part of Hilly Park) and continue straight ahead. Take the footpath past the Doctor�s surgery and turn left to take the footpath up through the churchyard.

At the top of the hill turn right, following the pavement down Blackdown view, passing the school on your right-hand side. Turn right into Coppin Road and then right into Northwood Close. Cross over the road and take the footpath that leads to the main road.

At the main road, turn left and follow the pavement long the main road. Turn left into Blackdown View. Cross over the entrance to Yarlington Close and try to cross at the drop-curb opposite the bus-stop. Take the footpath alongside the house. Cross over the road on Dabinett Close. Turn right and follow the pavement back to the Children�s Centre.

Additional notes:

Buggy-friendly route, approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour
Some inclines, using pavements and footpaths
Caution! Some country lanes with no pavement
High-visibility jackets or tabards strongly recommended

29/10/2008 | Walk posted by Mark Owen

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