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Mineral Line. Washford to Watchet

LOCALITY: Washford, Somerset
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Toilets, Pub, Cafe

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Exmoor

Walk description:

This walk starts from Washford Station which is on the A39, just before Minehead.

There is limited parking at the station, but there is alternative parking near by.

With Washford Station behind you and the pub on your left, walk straight on till you come to the first turning on your left. Turn left here and walk straight on along Castle Mead. There is a blue signpost for Cleeve abbey at the turning.

At the end of castle Mead, turn left. Walk along the road, till you get to Huish Lane on your right. Turn right here, and just pass the school, which is on your right, you will see a turning on your left. It is sign posted �The Mineral Line�.

The path is a small gravel compact path. Walk along this path until you come to a large black gate. Go through the gate, and continue around to your left. On your right is a child play area. The path is now made up of tarmac. Continue along the tarmac path until you get to netball court on your right.

The path now becomes a grass path. Walk straight on across the field, till you get to open access metal rails. Go through here and continue along a compact mud/gravel path. You will walk through a tunnel made up from trees. On your right is a river. The path is uneven in places due to tree roots.

You will then come to a style with a large gate to the left of it. Go through the gate, and continue walking straight on. The path is now a lot wider, but as you continue along the path it narrows again, and then becomes wide again.

When you get to a cross road in the path, so straight on, and continue walking till you get to the end of the trail by some bungalows.

From here you can turn around and retrace your steps, or you can continue into Watchet.

If you want to continue into Watchet walk straight on, past the bungalows. You will walk along a public footpath that is access only for vehicles. Walk on until you get to a T Junction. Turn left here, and walk along Whitehall. Whitehall then joins Mill Street. At the end of Mill Street, turn left along Anchor Street. You will walk past a car park on your left.

At the end of Anchor Street, opposite you will see Watchet Station. Cross over and walk towards the Station. Turn left along Harbour Road until you come to the turning area at the end of the road. From here you can turn left into Watchet or if you wish you can go to Watchet Station and catch a steam train back to Washford.

To catch the train, at the turning area you will see on your right some steps. To the left of this is a wheelchair access path leading to the top of the steps.

From the top of this path, turn right and cross the railway line, but only when the light is green. Once over the railway track, turn right and walk along the railway line to the Station office.

From here you can catch the train back to Washford, for a small fee.

Additional notes:

The toilets at the stations are old fashion and very basic. Opposite Watchet Railway station there are further toilets, which has facilities for the disabled. These are very basis toilets as well.

There are eating facilities at the stations for a quick snack, otherwise there are eating facilities in Watchet.

For information on train times ring West Somerset Railways on 01643 704996

22/09/2008 | Walk posted by cathy nettley

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