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Strawberry Line. Yatton to Cheddar

LOCALITY: Yatton, Somerset
DISTANCE: Greater than 5 miles (8.05 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Toilets, Cafe

GRADIENT: A few ups & downs
OS MAP: Bristol West & Portishead

Walk description:

The walk starts from the rear of Yatton Station car park. There is a minimal fee to park your car. On the 23/09/08 it was one pound for all day.

The terrain is a very fine gravel path for most of the walk, which changes in a few areas initially to a compact pathway. However, there are plans to improve these parts of the route. Even though, it is still accessible for wheelchair and buggies.

From the car park, go along the path, until you come to a wooden bridge that you need to cross. This bridge is not wide enough for a double width buggy. Go across the bridge and follow the path around to the left.

Keep walking and you will come to Congressbury. You have now walked two miles.

Next you need to walk across the bridge over the river. At the end of the path turn left, and walk along Weston Road on the pavement. When you are opposite a bus stop, cross over. There is a crossing here. You can then rejoin the trail.

The terrain is fine gravel. Walk along the path and you will come to an open access in a fence. This narrows at the top, but is still suitable for buggies and most wheelchairs, as long as they don�t have very high, wide backs to them.

Go through this access, and when you get to the end of the path, turn right. Walk along a compact path, which is a little uneven in places, until you get to a gate. Go through the open access next to it. This narrows at the top, like the last open access.

Now turn left and walk along Nye Road. There is no pavement along this part of the trail. Walk all the way to the end of the road, until you you get to a staggered crossroad. This is about a mile.

Turn right and walk along the pavement along Station Road. For a small part of this there is no pavement on this side of the road, so you will need to cross over and then cross back again. Keep walking till you get to a crossing. Cross over here and then you can rejoin the trail. You have now walked a further three miles.

Go up a short hill and walk until you get to another open access gate that narrows at the top. Walk through and walk straight on, along a fine gravel path. There is a sign for Cheddar Valley Nature Reserve here. You are now heading for Winscombe.

At Winscombe the old platform is a pedestrian area that has seats and picnic benches. Continue along the path until you come to another open access fence, with a gate next to it. You have now walked a further two miles.

Go straight on, and you will come to two further open access fences with gates next to them. Go through both of these, and walk straight on until you get to a long tunnel. You can see the other end, but soon as you go into the tunnel, you are engulfed in darkness. There are small lights down the centre of the path to mark the path. However I would recommend that you take a torch for this part of the walk, as you can see nothing but the lights on the ground.

Once out of the tunnel, walk straight on until you come to an open access, kissing gate by the road. Turn right, and walk a short distance, along the A38 Bridgewater Road. You will come to the entrance for a staggered metal fence cross, that you should use to cross the road.

Cross over and rejoin the trail. Walk up a gentle slope until you arrive at a car park with a picnic area. From here you need to retrace your steps.

If you wish, you can continue along the trail for another two miles till you get to Cheddar. The next section is along the road, until you rejoin the off road part of the trail. This part of the walk I did not do.

Additional notes:

You can start this walk from either end. You can also break it down into segments, as if you walk there and back it is about eighteen miles.

1) Yatton to Congresbury (4 miles there and back)
2) Congresbury to Sandford (six miles there and back)
3) Sandford to Winscombe (four miles there and back)
4) Winscombe to Axbridge (four miles there and back)

If you continue to cheddar it is a further four miles.

Another option is to walk one way and catch the bus back. For some wheelchair users, this will not be possible if you are unable to get the wheelchair on the bus. The bus service runs between the villages. Ring 08706082608 for further details.

If you go into each village along the way, there are toilet and eating facilities

24/09/2008 | Walk posted by cathy nettley

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