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LOCALITY: Yeovil, Somerset
DISTANCE: 3 miles (4.83 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Pub, Cafe

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Yeovil & Sherborne

Walk description:

Park in the car park by Golden stones swimming pool. This is a pay and display car park.

If you are standing with the swimming pool on your right and facing the trees walk forward to a tarmac path. Turn left and walk along here until you come to a bridge. If you go right and then take your first left you will walk along side a large pond. You will eventually come to a recreation area and then join back on the pathway as if you had gone straight on at the bridge.

When you get to this join in the walk go straight on alone the old railway walk. It is sign posted to Wyndham Hill. As you walk along here you will walk by a cafe on your left. Walk straight on. On your left you will walk past Yeovil Leisure Park and just a little further on your right is a picnic area.

Continue following this path around the side of the Leisure centre car park. Walk through a open staggered metal fence, and turn right under the bridge.

Follow this path all the way to the end where it fork of to the left that leads to a public house, or straight on to Pen Mill Station.

Turn around and go back the way you came.

Additional notes:

At the beginning of the walk are some pathways that go up to a picnic area and also into the walks around Ninesprings. Also by the right of the recreation area is a trail that goes around and into Ninespings.

Theses can all be muddy if wet also at certain point of the walks you will come across gateways that are not suitable for buggies or wheelchairs. Also at various stages along the walk you will come across steps.

If you don't mind turning round at these, and re-directing your route you can get to see some of the springs.

At the Yeovil Leisure centre is a bowling alley and a cinema. Also you have access to the Town Centre.

02/11/2007 | Walk posted by cathy nettley

Walks With Buggies User Reviews

Strolling through Nine Springs

06/02/2008 | Reviewed by Marie Houlden

This was a very nice walk for the whole family. Great to be able to take the dogs and exercise them at the
same time as getting fresh air. The terrain is a mixture of compacted stone and tarmac. The play park is great
for younger children and this is fenced off so is totally dog free. Liked this walk as it could be as long or
short as we wanted.

17/09/2008 | Reviewed by Serena Nettley

This walk can be broken down into little sections as there is so much to do along the way. We packed our
swimming costumes so we could finish walk off with a swim. The walk was great fun and we did venture into the
woods but some of these paths could be quite challenging with a pushchair with the steep hills and some muddy
paths. The children's play area was suitable for all ages, and all the children loved it.