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The Purton Timberland Trail

LOCALITY: Swindon, Wiltshire
DISTANCE: 3 miles (4.83 km)
FACILITIES: There & back, Parking, Toilets, Pub, Cafe

GRADIENT: Mostly flat
OS MAP: Cirencester & Swindon

Walk description:

This was a lovely walk and the lake was a great find, another hidden treasure!

As you come into Purton on the B4553 look out for the Village Hall. For sat nav users SN5 4AJ. You park your car in the village car park and this is next to the Museum and Library. You will also see a green steam engine at the entrance to the car park.

As you come out of the car park head left and cross over Willowbrook Road. Cross the road by the Saddery Shop and into Collins Lane.

Collins Lane is a very quiet road, but please note there is no pavement. We only came across one car for the entire length of the lane. There is a grass verge on both sides so it was quite easy to move out of the way.

The lane had a slight decline before the railway crossing and became quite bumpy and uneven in places.

At the railway crossing, please check for trains before crossing. Although there are barriers, the trains are very fast. After the crossing you will see a large country house (Dianas Lodge) and a stud farm on the right. Continue on past these down the tarmac lane.

The lane will veer around to the right and you continue on this path all the way to the main road. Please take care here as the speed limit on this road is 60mph and it can be tricky to see the cars coming around the corner.

Cross the road and take the path directly opposite, between the house and the field. The terrain is now compacted stone and a bit bumpy. An all terrain buggy would have no problem with this path.

Continue on until you reach the gate, go through and take the gravel track. You will then see signs for the Timberland Trail.

When you come to the wooden bridge, please note there is a small curb, about 5/6cms high. the path then becomes tarmac as your reach the lake.

As you walk alongside the lake, take the path to the right or else you will end up at a pub - ideal for a refreshment stop. They serve meals and have a childrens play area.

The path around the lake does become gravel and can get muddy in places, there was always an easy place to go around the mud but when it has been raining, sturdy shoes would be better.

Once you have walked around the lake you will come back to the tarmac path. Head left and retrace your steps to Purton Village Hall.

Additional notes:

There are plenty of benches around the lake, as well as bins and dog bins.

There was stacks of wildlife to spot on this walk - horses, sheep, butterflies, birds, ducks and insects!

08/04/2009 | Walk posted by Marie Houlden

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